CLI access into the Twig template engine.
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  • Twig is a modern template engine for PHP.
  • twig is a command line tool which monitors a directory of Twig files and converts them into rendered HTML files.

It is invoked like so:

$ php twig /path/to/twig/base/dir

twig will then go and find any *.twig files and convert them into their corrosponding *.html files. With the support of the entire Twig parser you can use variables, filters, includes, extends, etc…

Ignoring Files

To have Twig ignore a file simply preface the filename with an underscore (_). So, _base.twig would not be converted. This is useful if you have page templates, like index.twig, that extend or include sub templates, such as _base.twig.

Variable Support

To pass variables into your templates simply specify them as named parmeters to the command (prefaced with the double hyphen). So, if I wanted to pass in some personal information I would run:

$ php twig --name="mark" --age="16" /path/to/twig/base/dir