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PCL Localizer.

A simply cross platform alternative to Resx. An improved version and future updates is avaiable HERE
Follow this guide step by step!

#Quick Start Add Pcl.Localizer nuget package to all projects that will use localization. In your entry point app call:


How generate resources: You can use PclLocalization.Console or add Pcl.Localization.Generator nuget package to the project that will contains the resources. The nuget will create a folder called Loc with 3 files:

  1. The Console app
  2. A txt example file
  3. A bat for generate resource

When you run the bat the txt file will be parsed and a cs file will be generate..now simply include the new cs file to your project. You can call your resource like this:


For help about console call:

PclLocalizer.Console.exe -h

Example for generate:

PclLocalizer.Console.exe -f example.txt -d MyLoc.cs -n MyNameSpace -c MyLoc -s ;


  • -f is the input file
  • -d is the destination file
  • -n is the namespace for generated class
  • -c is the name of the generated class
  • -s is the separator

For add "Run batch" from Visual Studio context menu follow this guide.

##Follow Me

##License Licensed under Apache see license file.