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Simple Ruby command line utility to point domains to your localhost
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Localdev is a Ruby command line script to register domains that you sometimes use for local development, and to quickly enable or disable local development for those domains. Only expected to work on OS X. Requires sudo access, as it is manipulating your hosts file.

Available commands:

  • localdev list — lists the localdev domains
  • localdev add {domain} — adds the specified domain (pointing to
  • localdev add {domain} {ip} — adds the specified domain (pointing to the IP you specified)
  • localdev remove {domain} — removes the specified domain
  • localdev on — enables local development
  • localdev off — disables local development
  • localdev status — shows the current status

Note: if local development is on, add and remove commands will immediately update the hosts file and trigger a DNS flush.

Tip: To avoid being prompted by sudo for your password, you can add a line like this to your /etc/sudoers file (replace markjaquith with your user name):

markjaquith ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/localdev


To install Localdev, use RubyGems:

sudo gem install localdev


Your list of local development domains is kept in /etc/hosts-localdev as a YAML file.

License & Copyright

Localdev is Copyright Mark Jaquith 2011–2015, and is offered under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2, or any later version.

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