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Reading this project I don't find the README file easy to follow.

Would it be possible for someone for the owner to run over this and write clearer documentation?

My scenario is that I'd like to setup so that I can deploy to dev/stage/production servers from my local MBP.

I have WP Skelton, I've installed Capistrano but the installation of Stack isn't clear for me.

Any update would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your hard work on this.

@markjaquith markjaquith was assigned Jan 4, 2013

Unfortunately, I must second this. I am not so sure that the docs are inadequate. I suppose it's my dispersed knowledge of full stack development. Git, Capistrano, CDN's, etc. are all familiar, but new concepts for me. That being said they are all things I am making room for in development, but I am having a difficult time getting WP Stack going w/ WP Skeleton.


I'm sure you are right. Docs are probably fine for someone familiar with this but when starting out I'd rather not have to go through a long trial and error process.

If I work this out then I'll submit a pull request but I doubt I'll have time...


Well, if you do or don't get the time, thank you for your time and response. I must say, I have still not successfully implemented WP-Stack, WP Skeleton, and Capistrano for my dev/stage/production workflow successfully. Primary reason for this is that I have just been playing around with the workflow. If this was something I needed for client work, I'm quite sure I would have already made it through more iterations of trial and error to make this work.

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