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About markjaquith/feedback

This is a quick little ask-me-anything type of repository. It is forked from @holman's feedback repo and seems like a pretty fantastic idea in lieu of traditional blog comments, email, and the like.

I'm very bad at e-mail (and only one person benefits from my answer there), and Twitter is sometimes too short for more technical/involved discussions.

That said, I can't answer everything, and this isn't a replacement for the support forums.

Ask a question

Asking a question is as easy as creating a new issue on this project.

I'll try to answer it as soon as I can. Once I answer I'll probably close the issue just so I know what I've covered, but if you have any further questions just respond in the thread. Feel free to ask a question on any old issue too, even if you didn't create it.

These don't have to be technical questions, either! Go ahead and ask anything. If I don't feel comfortable answering, I won't — but there's no harm in trying.

Read some questions

Check out the Closed Issues filter on this repository to browse questions I've answered in the past. I try to use this as an email replacement that everyone can see, so feel free to dig into some of the older threads.


If you have something quick and easy, just ping me on Twitter. 140 characters makes everyone more efficient. I'm @markjaquith on Twitter.


Ask @markjaquith anything!



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