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Running MarkdownR in 60 Seconds (using Windows Azure PowerShell for Node.js Console)

  1. Make sure you've installed Windows Azure SDK for Node JS.
  2. Open Windows Azure PowerShell for Node.js Console.
  3. CD to the project root folder.
  4. Install the project modules by running npm install in the PowerShell console.
  5. CD to the src folder.
  6. Enable the Windows Azure development storage. For this, open the Web.config file, locate the appSettings tag and set the value of EMULATED to true.
  7. Start the application by running Start-AzureEmulator.
  8. Browse to http://localhost:8081 and start markdowning!

Deploying MarkdownR to Windows Azure

If you want to deploy to Windows Azure, you need to:

  1. Run the setup.cmd script to copy the src folder in the same folder as the azure service configuration files.
  2. Open the file inside the markdownr-web folder, locate the appSettings tag and fill the placeholders (to enable couchdb, see below)
  3. (Optional) It's highly recommended that you enable remote access the deployment (using the Enable-AzureRemoteDesktop cdmlet)
  4. Lastly, run Publish-AzureService -name [YOUR-HOSTED-SERVICE-NAME].

Runing MarkdownR without the Compute Emulator

If you are using a Mac or Cloud9 you might need to setup the storage URL pointing to a real Azure Blob Storage account. To do this, you also need to fill the following settings in the Web.config file:

  • AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT: Name of the account.

Setting up persistence in MarkdownR

You can set up a couchdb service by following these steps:

  1. Update the COUCHDB_SERVICE_URI setting in the Web.config file with the URI of your couchdb service (such as
  2. If you’re working with a fresh database: a. Open the \node_modules\share\bin\options.js file and uncomment the couchdb line. Now, fill the uri line right below with the same value you used in step 1. b. Open a command prompt and run the following command: node share\bin\setup_couch. This will create a _design/sharejs file inside your database.
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