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Rack version for the Socket.IO server side (just like Socket.IO-node) -- an unofficial implementation.
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Add support for flashsocket

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Super alpha, super experimental, not to be used yet for real work, unless you want to hack in to the code and help me get it to production ready. :)


You need the following gems:

* thin
* redis

And also a running redis installation, with at least version 2.1.3 (yes, you'll have to use the trunk version).


Add this in your config/environment.rb in Rails, or just use the
Middleware, in any Rack-compatible app. This will be implemented
using Thin + EventMachine, so you're likely going to need those as well.

                      { :resources => {
                                        '/firehose/' => "Tweetitow::FirehoseSocket",
                                        '/echo' => "Palmade::SocketIoRack::EchoResource" } })
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