A jQuery plugin to allow multi-level select boxes that degrade gracefully.
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jQuery Dependent Selects


A jQuery plugin to allow multi-level select boxes that degrade gracefully. It only changes the markup so the styling is all down to you.


You can check out some demos over here!


Ensure you have jQuery included in your page and include the jquery-dependent-selects.js script by adding something like this to your page's <head>:

Note: Change the src value to match the location of the scripts.

<script src="path/to/jquery.js"></script>
<script src="path/to/jquery.dependent-selects.js"></script>

Mark up your selects as you'd like them to work without JavaScript, ensuring their text displays a consistent separator. For example:

<select name="location" class="dependent">
  <option value="238">London > North > Enfield</option>
  <option value="239">London > North > Barnet</option>
  <option value="240">London > South > Croydon</option>
  <option value="241">London > South > Bromley</option>
  <option value="242">London > South > Sutton</option>
  <option value="243">Bristol > St Pauls</option>
  <option value="244">Bristol > Horfield</option>
  <option value="245">Bristol > Bedminster</option>
  <option value="246">Bournemouth</option>

Initiate the plugin on the selects you would like it to be activated:

Note: It's best for this be done after the DOM is ready. For more info see this brief tutorial.


Viola! Your select boxes should now be dependently nested.


There's some options you can pass into jQuery Dependent Selects when called. They are listed here showing the defaults:

  separator: ' > ', // String: The separator used to define the nesting in the option field's text
  placeholderOption: '', // String or array of strings: The text used for the sub select boxes' placeholder option.
                   // If an array, the first 'sub' level will be the first array item, you should manually create
                   // the top level's placeholder in the HTML.
  placeholderSelect: false, // Array of strings: The text used for placeholder select boxes for sub levels.
  class: false, // String: Add an extra class to all sub selects
  labels: false // Array of strings: The text used for the sub select boxes' labels. Label element is
                // inserted before sub select.


The plugin is written in CoffeeScript and a Cakefile is included with build and watch tasks. If you'd like to contribute, please write CoffeeScript and use the Cake tasks to compile it.

  1. Fork project
  2. Checkout to a new branch (named after the feature / change you're making)
  3. Write code (as mentioned above)
  4. Submit pull request


Licenced under MIT. Copyright Mark J Smith, Simpleweb.