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Useful guide for Flambe.

Flambe is a Haxe powered 2D game engine that makes cross-platform development actually fun. Spend less time dealing with platform-specific bugs, and more time building great games.


🔸 STEP 1: Program installation

   Haxe 3    NodeJS 0.8 or higher
Restart computer after installation, continue to step 2.

🔸 STEP 2: Flambe installation and setup

Download and setup Flambe by running:
npm install -g flambe
flambe update
On windows use powershell to run the commandlines. On Mac and Linux, you'll need to run both these commands as root using sudo. Also remember to pass the -g flag to npm install.
Thats it! You can use Flambe now!

Having troubles installing Flambe with Haxe 3.2 or higher? Install the latest git version of Flambe:

haxelib git flambe

(Check out this forumpost for more info about that)

🔸 STEP 3 Create, build and run!

🔹 Create a new project
flambe new <directory>
A new flambe project will be created in this folder.
🔹 Build the project
flambe build --debug
You can use html, flash, android, ios, firefox as build-target. Default value is grabbed from flambe.yaml file.
🔹 Activate the project
flambe serve
to start a local webserver, and open http://localhost:7000 in your web browser. The Flash or HTML5 build will run depending on what your browser best supports. The webserver also provides Live asset reloading.
🔹 Run the project
flambe run --debug
After making a change, you can use this command to rebuild and refresh your web browser in a single step. For iOS and Android, you need the AIR SDK installed.
> * Get the most out of your app Using Native Extensions > * Read this info to Setup for iOS

Ready to release?

When you're ready to distribute your game, do a release build by omitting the --debug param. Release builds are smaller and faster, but are slower to build and harder to debug.

Demo projects

Compiling and hacking the demos is a great way to learn by example.

For help on how to perform some common tasks, see other pages in this wiki.