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Track design for 1:10 scaled autonomous vehicles at DIYRobocars like events
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printed_grid.png track design for autonomous vehicles

Track design is modular in a way that parts can be used in a few different configurations.

Parts currently included:

  • Starting grid part with corners
  • Back part with corners
  • Straight parts for use between the corner parts
  • Intersection part for use between the corner parts

Cornered parts are available in both 8m and 12m long variants.

Suggested configurations are:

  • Short course: Grid + Back (L: 8m or 12m W: 4m)
  • Long course: Grid + Back + 2 * Straight (L: 8m or 12m W: 4m - 9m)
  • Intersections: Grid + Back + Intersection (L: 8m W: 6m)

Printing instructions

Track is meant to be printed on 2m wide parts on black. Yellow should stay as is but red is supposed to be printed as white.

Our material has been PVC and Polyester tarpaulin.

This project is licensed under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0.

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