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After upgrading less.js to 1.5.1 (latest, adviced, version), the resulting CSS is not minified anymore.

Seeing this also. Definitely a breaking change in 1.5.1 (or one of it's dependencies). Downgrading back to 1.5.0 resolves it

sprynm commented Dec 18, 2013

Is this related to:

"In usage, we do no longer support the yui-compress option due to a bug in ycssmin which was not getting fixed. We have switched to clean-css. If you use this option it will use clean-css and output a warning. The new option is called –clean-css."

Reinstalling WinLess resolves this problem, but it's not the optimal solution ofcourse.

@Firesphere are you allowing winless to upgrade the bundled version of Less when you run it though - or sticking with the version bundled in the installer?

I update when the system says there's an update. This includes bundled versions of external systems.

Yup. Also experiencing the same problem.

WinLess version: 1.8.2
LESS.js version: 1.6.0

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling without any luck.

Any ideas?


marklagendijk commented Jan 8, 2014

The problem is indeed that the name of the less.js minify parameter changed. This should be fixed in WinLess.

@marklagendijk Thanks for the reply! Any idea on a possible ETA for a fix?

Thanks for a great app!


marklagendijk commented Jan 8, 2014

Yep. ETA is a couple of minutes ago.

Heh, nice one, thank you!



ghost commented May 1, 2014

This issue is back with v1.8.3 and re-installing WinLess did not help.

Also, when re-installing WinLess, all folders/settings are lost. Not funny.

Yup, same issue here... anyone have a link to download v1.6?


ghost commented Jun 4, 2014

I stopped using WinLess all together now.
Now using the less compilers and css compression stuff in PhpStorm (File Watchers).

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