Tools to load the Boing Boing blog archive into a MarkLogic Server database and build an exploration application.
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Information Studio

The good folks at Boing Boing were kind enough to release all 11 years of their content for re-mixing, mashing-up, and analysis. You can get easily get started with the content (about 64,000 posts) in MarkLogic Server with MarkLogic Application Services. This project contains set-up for

Information Studio

Information Studio is an easy new way to load information into a MarkLogic database. It includes a web-based UI as well as high-level APIs to collect, transform, and load content. I’ve created a custom collector to load the unzipped post archive. To install the collector, copy (or soft link) the Information Studio/collector-boingboing.xqy file into $MARKLOGIC_HOME/Plugins, where $MARKLOGIC_HOME is where you installed MarkLogic Server. Restart the Server and you should see the “Boing Boing Collector” in your list of collectors in the Information Studio UI.

Next, grab the archive and unzip it somewhere accessible to your MarkLogic Server instance.

Application Builder

Application Builder allows you to build search applications without having to write any code. It’s great for prototyping new concepts or exploring content.

More to come…

License, Disclaimer, and Other Boring Legal Stuff

This is a demonstration to illustrate how to use MarkLogic Information Studio and MarkLogic Application Builder. It has not been thouroughly tested nor optimized as you’d expect in production-quality application. With that, however, you are free to explore it and repurpose it. All code is copyright MarkLogic and is distributed as-is under the Apache 2.0 license.