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Additional Microsoft Windows Requirements

Some required modules do not have native Windows modules available and require a development environment in which they can be compiled. To do this, npm uses node-gyp to create these modules. For more information, please read the node-gyp documentation

Install Required Dependencies

  • npm: Built-in package manager for node (comes with node, but check to be sure you have latest version: npm install -g npm). Older versions of npm (versions older than 2.0) are not able to upgrade themselves properly. If npm -v does not reveal the latest version (3.7.3 at this time of writing) after installing the latest version, open an elevated command prompt and change to the nodejs home directory (typically C:\Program Files\nodejs) and execute npm install npm.
  • Python 2.7: Python 2.7 is required. If you already have a different version, you will need to tell npm to use this version of python npm config set python C:\Path\to\Python2.7
  • Visual Studio Community Edition: Visual Studio Community Edition or Express Edition is required to provide a valid VC++ environment. Please make sure that VC++ and Windows SDK are both selected during install. You will need to set the environment variable GYP_MSVS_VERSION to the version of Visual Studio installed. This will probably be 2013 for Windows 7-8.1 and 2015 for Windows 10.

Use of Elevated Command Prompt

If your installation of node and npm required elevated priviledges, you will need to use an elevated command prompt to upgrade npm and perform all global npm install -g commands. When scaffolding your project using slush, a normal command prompt is sufficient.

Configuring MLCP

The default location for MLCP is /usr/local/mlcp. This path is unlikely the appropriate location of your MLCP install. To specify the correct location of MLCP in Windows, edit/create deploy\ and add


Please note that the backslash is being escaped by a second backslash. This inserts a literal backslash instead of inserting an escape character in Java.

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