Server information

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Server Information

Returns information about the MarkLogic server version, hardware and index settings and much more. To access this information make a GET request to the manage endpoint:


This request will return with a response similar to:

    "architecture": "x86_64",
    "platform": "linux",
    "hosts": [
            "id": 11348666085588525124,
            "name": ""
    "indexes": {
        "stemming": "basic",
        "uris": false,
        "collectionLexicon": false,
        "caseSensitive": true,
        "diacriticSensitive": true,
        "keyValueCharacters": false,
        "keyValueWords": true,
        "keyValuePhrases": true,
        "keyValueTrailingWildcards": false,
        "ranges": [
                "name": "author",
                "key": "author",
                "type": "string",
                "operator": "eq"
        "fields": [
                "name": "title",
                "includedKeys": ["title", "subtitle"],
                "excludedKeys": []
        "mappings": [{
            "name": "editor",
            "key": "editedBy",
            "mode": "contains"
    "settings": {
        "directoryCreation": "automatic"
    "statistics": {
        "JSONDocumentCount": 1000000,
        "XMLDocumentCount": 1000000,
        "TextDocumentCount": 1000


Some of this should be available to regular developers who shouldn't otherwise be doing any "manage" activities.

There should probably be a nice web-based way to manage this, in addition to the raw endpoints. Separate from the port 8001 database stuff, this is isolated to Corona stuff. For the "developer admin" not the "database admin".