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Abstract: Scaffolding is useful for making quick text edits and minor structural changes to existing xml files.

Warning: This script can make modifications to the contents of your MarkLogic database. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Do not make this file accessible in a production environment.


    * Able to make text-node updates to any xml documents it has access to.
    * Able to duplicate (insert) sibling elements, and remove elements altogether. Careful when removing, if you remove the last node of it's kind, there's no way to bring it back.
    * Doesn't handle elements which contain both text-node AND element-node children. For example, an element containing markup-like content such as <message>xquery is <b>lots</b> of <i>fun</i></message> will be read (and saved) as <message>xquery is lots of fun</message>.
    * The MarkLogic user executing this script must have permission to execute xdmp:eval.
    * This file is entirely self-contained, no dependancies. Just drop it anywhere in your project and go.

Motivation: Our website translations reside in xml files. I find it useful to view a translation with Scaffolding to make quick edits and additions to the output phrases, rather than editing a local file and re-loading it into MarkLogic for every change.

Contact: Please direct all comments/suggestions to, all feedback is welcome. I'd also love to know what you're using this utility for, and if you found it useful.

Eric Palmitesta
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