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MarkLogic Heatmap Demo

This is a deployable version of the heatmap visualization demonstration found at http://heatmaps.demo.marklogic.com.
This demo shows how MarkLogic Server's geospatial bucketing feature can be combined with its search capabilities
to deliver an interactive heatmap visualization of search results.  This package provides all the necessary files
to deploy this demo on appropriately marked up data sets.

If you haven't already done so, download and install the latest version of MarkLogic Server from http://community.marklogic.com/

Open the MarkLogic Configuration Manager (http://localhost:8002/nav/?type=databases) and import the heatmap-db.xml config file to create the required database and forest.

Extract the heatmap-forest.tar.gz archive

Load the data by opening the MarkLogic Admin interface and:
 - in the forest subsection, open the newly created heatmap forest config (name defaults to heatmap-db-1)
 - select the Backup/Restore tab
 - restore the forest from the extracted archive directory (probably {checkout directory}/heatmap-demo/setup/forest)

Configure the webapp by going to the MarkLogic Admin interface and:
 - create a new HTTP app server (lefthand side tree: Groups->Default->App Servers: Create HTTP tab)
 - set the server name to heatmap-demo (or whatever you want to call it)
 - set the root to be the full system filepath to the heatmap-demo directory ({checkout directory}/heatmap-demo)
 - set the port be any open port on your local machine (9000 is usually safe)
 - set the database to heatmap-db
 - set the authentication to be application-level
 - set the url rewriter to be url-rewriter.xqy

Your done! you should now be able to navigate to http://localhost:9000/heatmap

*Additionally this app provides a REST based search endpoint that exposes search results as either XML or JSON
 map search: http://localhost:9000/search/map.json?q=republican&north=90.0&east=0.0&south=-90.0&west=180.0
 text search: http://localhost:9000/search/text.xml?q=democrat&north=90.0&east=0.0&south=-90.0&west=180.0&page=1