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NOTE: The master branch of this project contains plugins compatible with MarkLogic 5.  
      For earlier plugins, please use the 4.2 branch.

MarkLogic Server 4.2 introduces Information Studio, which provides a framework for creating custom plugins. 
Plugins let you collect and transform content and then save it to your database. 

This project is intended as a place where we can share plugins for collecting and transforming content in Information Studio.

collector-csv.xqy : ingests and XML-izes a directory of .csv files
collector-feed.xqy : ingests an atom feed
collector-rss.xqy : ingests an rss feed
collector-twitter.xqy : ingests tweets from the public timeline
collector-zip.xqy : ingests a directory of .zip files, unzipping them and saving the contents to the database