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MarkLogic Data Hub

Go from nothing to an Operational Data Hub in a matter of minutes.

MarkLogic Data Hub is a data integration platform and toolset that helps you quickly and efficiently integrate data from many sources into a single MarkLogic database and then expose that data.

Version Support

For Data Hub version 5.2, you need:

  • Gradle 4.6 or later
  • Java JDK 8 or later
  • Check MarkLogic Version Compatibily here

Getting Started

Grab the latest release. Visit our Data Hub website to get started.

Advanced Hub Usage

You can also go beyond the QuickStart app and start using Data Hub in your own Java or Gradle project. Visit our Data Hub website for more information.


You do not need to download the code in the repository to use MarkLogic Data Hub.

If you would like to plan to actively contribute changes to the Data Hub.

If you really do want to contribute, see our Contributing Guide to get started.


The MarkLogic Data Hub is maintained by MarkLogic Engineering and is made available under the Apache License 2.0.

The Data Hub core Java libraries and Gradle commands are supported software for production use with MarkLogic Server. QuickStart is designed for use in a development environment and is not currently supported for production use.

Everyone is encouraged to file bug reports, feature requests, and pull requests through GitHub. This input is critical and will be carefully considered. However, we cannot promise a specific resolution or timeframe for any request.

In addition, MarkLogic provides technical support for release tags of MarkLogic Data Hub to licensed customers under the terms outlined in the MarkLogic Technical Support Handbook. Customers with an active maintenance contract can sign up for MarkLogic Technical Support on our support portal.