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Java 7 compatibility #4

twr opened this Issue December 01, 2012 · 2 comments

2 participants

Tomasz Wrobel Michael Blakeley
Tomasz Wrobel states that XQSync does not work with Java 1.7.

I am not sure if it is still the case as xqsync seems to work with Java 7.

What kind of problems one can encounter when running xqsync on java 7?
If there are still problems it would be good to make the library compatible with java 7 and if it is already compatible tutorial needs to be updated.

Michael Blakeley mblakele referenced this issue from a commit December 03, 2012
tweaking docs to fix issue #4 5a2eae2
Michael Blakeley

Thanks for reporting this. I checked with the author of that comment, and there appears to be no concrete data on Java 7 incompatibilities. The note in the tutorial was based on a single report. If a problem specific to Java 7 appears, please open a new issue.

Michael Blakeley mblakele closed this December 03, 2012
Michael Blakeley

Just for posterity, the issue appears to be that XStream was incompatible with Java 1.7 until at least XStream 1.4. If you run into problems with XQSync and Java 1.7, try upgrading XStream to the latest release from

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