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require 'rubygems'
require 'bundler/setup'
require 'sinatra'
require 'redis'
require 'haml'
require 'json/pure'
require 'pp'
require 'logger'
require 'httpclient'
require 'lib/gaga/helpers.rb'
require 'lib/gaga/redis_timeline.rb'
# establish global logger to stdout
# use "vmc logs"" or "vmc files gaga logs/stdout.log" to view
$log =
$log.level = Logger::DEBUG
#$log.level = Logger::INFO
#$log.level = Logger::WARN
# note the auto-magical cf auto-reconfiguration gem will
# patch in the real redis config gleaned from the environment
# this saves me from having to write understandable and straight
# forward binding code. lazy magical people like this voodoo black
# magic. I prefer the longhand approach but sigh, I'll reluctantly go
# along, until it breaks, then I will be vocal...
# $vcap_services = JSON.parse(ENV['VCAP_SERVICES']) if ENV['VCAP_SERVICES']
# redis = $vcap_services['redis-2.2'][0]
# redis_conf = {:host => redis['credentials']['hostname'],
# :port => redis['credentials']['port'],
# :password => redis['credentials']['password']}
# $redis = redis_conf
$redis = => '', :port => '6379')
# load config, prep for being able to run the same logic for multiple time lines
config_file = File.expand_path("config/config.yml", "#{__FILE__}/..")
$config = do |f|
$log.debug("$config => #{$config.pretty_inspect}")
$log.debug("$redis => #{$redis.pretty_inspect}")
# return the page, rendered via haml
get '/' do
headers['Cache-Control'] = 'no-store'
halt 400 if !@config
redis_tl =$redis, @config)
@tweets = nil
@tweets = if redis_tl
@tlset = redis_tl.tlset
#$log.debug("get/(0): #{@tweets.pretty_inspect}") if @tweets != nil
haml :index
get '/boot' do
content_type :json
@founders = {
"Apple" => ["Steve Jobs", "Steve Wozniak", "Ronald Wayne"],
"Dribbble" => ["Dan Cederholm", "Rich Thornett"],
"GitHub" => ["Tom Preston-Werner", "Chris Wanstrath", "PJ Hyett"],
"Heroku" => ["James Lindenbaum", "Adam Wiggins", "Orion Henry"],
"Gowalla" => ["Josh Williams", "Scott Raymond"],
"Square" => ["Jack Dorsey", "Tristan O'Tierney", "Jim McKelvey"],
"Twitter" => ["Jack Dorsey", "Biz Stone", "Evan Williams"]
# Specify response freshness policy for HTTP caches (Cache-Control header).
# See RFC 2616 / 14.9 for more on standard cache control directives:
cache_control :public, :must_revalidate, :max_age => 86400
# Set the last modified time of the resource (HTTP 'Last-Modified' header)
# and halt if conditional GET matches.
# When the current request includes an 'If-Modified-Since' header that is
# equal or later than the time specified, execution is immediately halted
# with a '304 Not Modified' response.
# Set the response entity tag (HTTP 'ETag' header) and halt if conditional
# GET matches. The value argument is an identifier that uniquely
# identifies the current version of the resource.
# When the current request includes an 'If-None-Match' header with a
# matching etag, execution is immediately halted.
# If the request method is GET or HEAD, a '304 Not Modified'.
# response is sent.
etag Digest::MD5.hexdigest(@founders.to_s)
# Sleep in order to demonstrate effect of client-side caching.
# The first request will be slow, but if the client is obeying caching
# directives, subsequent requests will be nearly instantaneous.
sleep 5
return @founders.to_json