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new/experimental features:

  • permanent alignment of control points (linear constraint). It does not require names for constraint points now.
  • fast grouping (yet to be done)
  • frame points selection (Ctrl + Left Mouse Button + move)

Not a full release. For time being I place only executables for Linux and Windows here.

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@markmal markmal released this Jul 1, 2019 · 9 commits to master since this release

Build 195
Adjusted build-HOWTO.txt
X1,Y1 min values adjustments in Michlet file generator

Fixed bugs:
#44 No float value accepted
#45: Michlet file generator, Y1 wave value and Viscous form factor

Build 191
Added grouping of control points. This is experimental.
Optimized performance of control points movements during editing. It was ok in Linux, but very slow in Win10.

Fixed bugs:
#42: Extrude edge does not accept negative values (win10)
#43: wrml import file crashes

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@markmal markmal released this May 31, 2019 · 29 commits to master since this release

  1. Added naming for Control Points.
  2. Added Linear Constraints for Control Points. Currently it is very experimental.
    You can assign one or multiple CP to stay on a line between two other (named) CPs. Linear Constraints should help to keep parts developable.
  3. Improved performance on Preview of complex or highly detailed projects.
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@markmal markmal released this May 26, 2019 · 36 commits to master since this release


  • export to IGES
  • forward slashes '/' replaced with DirectorySeparator var in file paths.
  • avoids hydrostatic re-calculations during model rebuilding.
  • fixed zoom to fit after editing in zoomed viewport
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May 24, 2019
Release 4.1.2

@markmal markmal released this May 19, 2019 · 42 commits to master since this release

  • No dependency on Qt. In Windows it is native, in Linux it is GTK2.
  • Can be compiled to 32 or 64 bit.
  • Visual Recent Projects panel.
  • Open/save project dialog with Preview.
  • Many other GUI improvements.
  • Includes FreeShip plugins (.exe) for resistance calculations. In Linux it will require Wine.
  • Full hull export to STL
  • Export to IGES (experimental)
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May 19, 2019
Fixed save Preview picture. Release.

Starting from 3.6 releases include binaries for Windows i386 (includes Qt4Pas5.dll and all required Qt 4.8.7 dlls).
FreeShip is compiled with Lazarus 1.6, FPC 3.0.

added some cosmetic fixes:

  • main window does not change size when preview happens in Open dialog.
  • new keyboard shortcu

ts: P - new point; E - new edge; S - split edge.

  • Insert edge is not enabled when selected points are not on same face.
  • packaging scripts adjusted for Windows builds (zip package for now)

In Windows you should run install-user.cmd, that will install FreeShip into current user home, including menu items, extensions and icons associations.
Run uninstall-user.cmd to uninstall everything except /Ships folder where you could store your ships.

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@markmal markmal released this Dec 24, 2015 · 150 commits to master since this release

Test only Version in Lazarus
Released: Build date 2015/12/24 10:50:00
New features and fixes:

  • fixed color sex issue noted in #19
  • set default log mode to log-error
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Dec 19, 2015
Test only Version in Lazarus
Released: Build date	2015/12/17 21:20:00
New features and fixes:
- added deb package creation into
- fixed issue #18 .deb install gives non-valid. added Installed-Size field
- fixed icon on Deselect All tool button
- fixed autotomatic new model creation on very first startup.
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