Simple example of running NodeJS on Kubernetes.
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NodeJS example with Kubernetes

This is a very simple example of running NodeJS on Kubernetes.

It comes with several Makefiles for setup and teardown of the infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform, as well as for Kubernetes itself.

Running the Code

Make sure you have a project value already set in your Google Cloud SDK configuration, before using this.

To setup the initial infrastructure (the Kubernetes cluster) , see provision/infrastructure

To create the Docker images associated with the examples, see src/sukie

To deploy the Docker images to Kubernetes, see provision/deployment

Docker Development Shell

This is a docker development shell with all the dependencies for this project that can be built via make build in the root directory.

To start the developer shell, use make shell. This has only been tested on Linux, YMMV.

Presentation Recordings:


Apache 2.0

This is not an official Google product.