Save data from the OpenOnderwhijs API as CSV (node.js command line tool)
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OpenOnderwijs CSV

node.js command line to extract data from the OpenOnderwijs API to CSV


Install Node.js

  git clone
  cd openonderwijs-csv
  npm install
  npm install LiveScript -g

If you are using data-dumps, unzip them to



Interactive prompt:

  lsc api-to-csv 
  lsc json-to-csv

See the API reference for the query-string. For example: q=amsterdam

You can also load a mapping file from the map directory:

  lsc api-to-csv
  lsc json-to-csv

JSON-to-CSV mapping (map/

OpenOnderwijs has categorized the data sources as follows:

  1. index: duo, onderwijsinspectie, vensters
  2. type: vo_board (schoolbestuur), vo_school (school), vo_branch (afdeling)
  3. id: document-index

Available data is documented here

The map/ describes for each index/type how values are extracted.

Example 1: Extract a simple value

For example, to extract all "name" field as the "naam" column from all duo/vo_board, write this:


Example 2: Extract and transform a nested value.

Some documents contain nested properties. These can be extracted using a function:

    "city": (doc) ->

You can also perform more complex transformations:

    "address": (doc) -> doc.address.strees + " " +

Example 3: Map a single document to multiple CSV-rows

Sometimes you want to split a single document into multiple rows. For example, when you want to extract the number of dropouts per year.

To split a single document into multiple rows, use the split function.

    "dropouts_per_year.total_dropouts": (doc,split) ->
      for i,dropout of doc.dropouts_per_year
    "dropouts_per_year.total_students": (doc,add) ->
      for i,dropout of doc.dropouts_per_year

split takes two arguments:

  1. split-index: the name of your CSV-row, in this case we split a document into years.
  2. value: the value of that row , in this case number of dropouts or students.

There will be a row for each split-index. The split-index (year) can be found in the _split column. Because both columns (total_students, total_dropouts) share the same split-index (year), the numbers are still valid (and will not get mixed up)