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cinder-gerrit-stats.txt Add folsom results
cinder-git-stats.txt Add folsom results
cinder-lp-stats.txt Final folsom stats
git-stats.txt s/Microsoft/Cloudbase Solutions/
glance-gerrit-stats.txt Add folsom results
glance-git-stats.txt s/Microsoft/Cloudbase Solutions/
horizon-gerrit-stats.txt Add folsom results
horizon-lp-stats.txt Final folsom stats
keystone-gerrit-stats.txt Add folsom results
keystone-git-stats.txt Add folsom results
keystone-lp-stats.txt Final folsom stats
nova-gerrit-stats.txt Add folsom results
nova-git-stats.txt s/Microsoft/Cloudbase Solutions/
nova-lp-stats.txt Final folsom stats
quantum-gerrit-stats.txt Add folsom results
quantum-git-stats.txt Add folsom results
quantum-lp-stats.txt Final folsom stats
swift-gerrit-stats.txt Add folsom results
swift-git-stats.txt Add folsom results
swift-lp-stats.txt Add folsom results
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