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This module is created for DNN 8.0.0+, it uses AngularJS to create a Single Page Application module (SPA) which allows you to host a chat/discussion/shout box module on your website.

The module has a number of nice features

  • Content auto refreshes with any new posts, replies or votes
  • Profanity checking on all post
  • Spam control on the new posts, replies and voting
  • Support for anonymous posting
  • Uses the Quick Setting DNN pattern
  • Support for DNN profile images or gravatar images
  • Supports exporting/importing
  • Supports searchable data

Installing the Module

To install the module just download the latest release from the Release page on GitHub. Then just install the module using the Host > Extension page in your DNN portal.

Using the Module

Once you have installed the module you can then add it to a page in your site. The module is called ShoutboxSpa.

Users can create new posts, reply to existing and vote up or down posts. All the settings for the module are available in the Quick Settings menu.

As already stated the module has flood control to stop a user from voting up and article by continually clicking the button. The admin/host account doesn't have any flood control applied. The Quick Settings menu allows you to define the time in minutes that must elapse before a user can repeat an action.

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