Ingress portal attack/defense simulations based on IPAS
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Ingress portal attack/defense simulations based on IPAS. Massive kudos to GraphRacer for his/her work on IPAS & the research into the latest attack mechanics that I have heavily borrowed. Check it out:

I built this to eventually run simulations to determine the best offense / defense strategies for different situations. Right now it's a visualisation tool and not much else, though it does look nice :)

Since this is a highly theoretical application, it has no consideration for shields or links when it comes to damage & mitigation. These defenses provide even protection across all resonators so shouldn't be necessary when optimising resonator / burster locations. The numbers will be different but the strategies should apply successfully when mods are in use.


The 'exploratory.r' file is written such that it can be executed all-at-once, even though it's exploratory. To use it, open it up in your favourite R environment and tweak the options in the top half of the file.

These are the good bits.

Set up the resonators:

res.level <- c(8,7,6,6,5,5,4,4) # starts at EAST and rotates CCW
res.distance <- rep(35, 8)      # ditto.  distance is in METERS

Set up the bursters:

bursters.levels = c(8,8,8)  # 3x level 8 bursters
bursters.x = c(15, 20, 25)  # placed at (15,15), (20,20) and (20,15)
bursters.y = c(15, 20, 15)  # 0,0 is the portal. 10,10 is 10M E and 10M N

I have included some presets for common scenarios in the file that you can comment in & out as you wish. If you have something you want to include, send me a pull request.

If you've not used R before, c(1,2,3) creates a list with the elements 1, 2 and 3. rep(x, 10) will repeat "x" 10 times (as a list). You shouldn't need to know much more than that to use this script. You can get R here and Rstudio here.

The burster damage heatmap can take 20-30s to load so hang in there. The more bursters you use, the longer it takes.


If you have any cool pics you've made, I'd love to see them. Email me

Lazily loaded resonators attacked with 3xL8 bursters fired from a sensible location. Lazy loading attack

Lazy fill getting a street drive-by on the south side. Lazy loading drive-by

Attempting to optimise street-side placement to minimise drive-bys (unsuccessfully) Street-side protection