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A Ruby wrapper for the Kiva API

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Let's get started building this thing.

I'll be jumping on the Google Group ( but
feel free to email me if you want to help/contribute/pursue a hostile takeover ;)

Mark McSpadden

=== Requirements


=== Installation

Run the following if you haven't already:
  gem sources -a

Install the gem(s):
  sudo gem install markmcspadden-ruby-kiva

=== Examples => "farming", :status => "fundraising")
    #=> {"paging" => {"total" => 7, "page_size" => 20, "pages" => 1, "page" => 1},
          "loans" => [{ loan 1 attributes },{ loan 2 attributes }]}
  Kiva::Loan.search_results(:q => "fertilizer", :status => "paid") 
    #=> [#<Kiva::Loan:0x14b9ca8 @id=77220, @sector="Agriculture", @borrower_count=1 ... >, #<Kiva::Loan ... >]

=== More Info about the Kiva API
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