My files for importing old mephisto blog and current blogger blog data into tumblr
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Tumblr Import

Methods for migrating my very old mephisto data (for which I had a sql dump) and my kind of more recent blogger data to Tumblr. The goal is to migrate the articles…I could care less about the comments at this point.


If you use any Tumblr integrations (like twitter or facebook), turn those off before importing these feeds. If you don't every post you import now will be posted there. (This warning will also appear each time you run the script. Use `–skip-warning` flag to skip it.)

Mephisto to Tumblr


Load a sql dump and import

MySQL table creation, upload, and Tumblr sync all at once

ruby mephisto-to-tumblr.rb --upload-sql TUMBLR_USER=your_tumblr_username TUMBLR_PASS=your_tumblr_password

NOTE: This assumes a sql file called mephisto_archives.sql that will create a mephisto_archives table with the root mysql user and no password on localhost. Please change if needed.

Or just import (based on a previous sql dump load)

ruby mephisto-to-tumblr.rb TUMBLR_USER=your_tumblr_username TUMBLR_PASS=your_tumblr_password

Blogger to Tumblr

Coming Soon…


Very heavily influenced one of Phil Toland's blog post: