Example of using Phaxio (https://www.phaxio.com/) to send out a large scale fax campaign from a sample
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Scripts for an Automated, Large-Scale Fax Survey Campaign using Python, docx-mailmerge, and Phaxio

Faxing is still surprisingly common in many business, especially in medicine. As a result, when you're considering doing a survey or reaching a lot of businesses for some other purpose, fax is an option to consider.

However, fax can be very labour intensive. For example, suppose you’re conducting a survey of businesses and the only contact information is a fax number. Let’s say you have 5,000 people in your sample and each survey has unique information for each respondent (for example, their name or a unique ID value to track responses).

Luckily, there is a much better alternative: programmable fax APIs. This code gives an example of how to use one of these services called Phaxio to send out faxes for a hypothetical survey campaign. Here’s the scenario:

  • You have a sample of potential respondents in a CSV file that you want to fax information to which includes their fax number, name, address, and ID.

  • You have a template in a word document of the survey that you want to send. The survey needs to be slightly different for each person in the sample, including their particular name, address, and ID.

For a full description of this project, see this blog post