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theyworkforaz :
files are all from nov 30 onwards in basecamp
home page notes:
top right field autocompletes - addresses, zip codes, town names, rep/senator names, issues, bill names, committee names, district names, party <-- all of these entities have pages
track anything that's a result : track blanket stuff within your district, individual reps/sens, issues, bills, committee activity, party activity <-- all of these entities
track az issues search, merge into top right field, not lower
issues percentages:
what they worked on
bill sponsorship
bill co-sponsorship
bill activity - how many times has this appeared before committees and houses
bill activity - how many hours of video has been recorded for a bill
how many versions of the bill
how long the bill is
"campaign tracking" - secondary space ideas:
1. pertinent news stories to the particular topic
2. campaign tracking
district pointer:
ask nathan about how it moves
senator/rep page:
key votes:
currently from vote smart
could we build this based upon users concerns, rather than highlighted bills
public appearances and interest group ratings are from votesmart
"Yard Sign":
some kind of display of support on facebook for a politician...
social network graph
issue page:
votes etc pull from votesmart
committee listings for issues - this is a manual thing per committee per session per issue
blue highlight is for your reps on the committees
bills / votes on issues - auto-categorise, but possibly with a human filter first?
right hand side, people you're tracking/district you're tracking..
bottom left - links to external sites (manual)
If there's a huge list, link out to an external list.
google earth:
export various bits of AZ geodata to google earth for visualisation
no commentary, no petitions, at least in this phase - consider linking out to hashtags on things like twitter - reputation is more important than traffic