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Angular directive for displaying resumes from JSON data

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What is ng-jsonresume?

ng-jsonresume lets you include a resume into a webpage by using an Angular directive and providing data in the standardized jsonresume format.

It provides a custom HTML tag that can be used like this:

<resume resume-url="myresume.json" template-url="resume-template-flat.html"></resume>

Installation and use

In order to use ng-jsonresume you will need the files ng-jsonresume.js, a template file and your own json resume file. There are two templates available at the moment: "flat" and "paper".

You can get the javascript and templates from the git repository or install them using bower/npm:

bower install ng-jsonresume

npm install ng-jsonresume

You will have to create the json file yourself by filling in your personal resume data - see for the data format.

You can see an example of ng-jsonresume in action at


Angular directive for displaying resumes from JSON data






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