A simple GUI for Agda
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Agda Writer

A Graphical User Interface for Agda for OS X Systems. Works with OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later.


You can find compiled program under Releases (.zip attachment). Just unzip it, move it to desired folder (ie. Applications) and run the program.

Agda Writer in Action

Loading a File

Alt Text

Normalizing an expression

Alt Text


  • Handy shortcuts for actions
  • Customizable Unicode (Latex-like) input with autocompletion
  • Same color palette as in Emacs
  • Independent Buffer window, so you can always know what is going on
  • ...
  • Well, it's not Emacs :D

Awesome Features

It works without downloading & compiling Agda first. Just run the program and you are ready.


Agda Writer is Licensed under MIT License Agreement. See Licence.md for more details.