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"""Loader for Skytools modules.
Primary idea is to allow several major versions to co-exists.
Secondary idea - allow checking minimal minor version.
import sys, os, os.path, re
__all__ = ['require']
_top = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(os.path.normpath(__file__)))
_pkg_cache = None
_import_cache = {}
_pat = re.compile('^([a-z]+)-([0-9]+).([0-9]+)$')
def _load_pkg_cache():
global _pkg_cache
if _pkg_cache is not None:
return _pkg_cache
_pkg_cache = {}
for dir in os.listdir(_top):
m = _pat.match(dir)
if not m:
modname =
modver = (int(, int(
_pkg_cache.setdefault(modname, []).append((modver, dir))
for vlist in _pkg_cache.itervalues():
vlist.sort(reverse = True)
return _pkg_cache
def _install_path(pkg, newpath):
for p in sys.path:
pname = os.path.basename(p)
m = _pat.match(pname)
if m and == pkg:
sys.path.insert(0, newpath)
def require(pkg, reqver):
# parse arg
reqval = tuple([int(n) for n in reqver.split('.')])
need = reqval[:2] # cut minor ver
# check if we already have one installed
if pkg in _import_cache:
got = _import_cache[pkg]
if need[0] != got[0] or reqval > got:
raise ImportError("Request for package '%s' ver '%s', have '%s'" % (
pkg, reqver, '.'.join(got)))
# pick best ver from available ones
cache = _load_pkg_cache()
if pkg not in cache:
for pkgver, pkgdir in cache[pkg]:
if pkgver[0] == need[0] and pkgver >= need:
# install the best on
_install_path(pkg, os.path.join(_top, pkgdir))
inst_ver = reqval
# now import whatever is available
mod = __import__(pkg)
# check if it is actually useful
ver_str = mod.__version__
for i, c in enumerate(ver_str):
if c != '.' and not c.isdigit():
ver_str = ver_str[:i]
full_ver = tuple([int(x) for x in ver_str.split('.')])
if full_ver[0] != reqval[0] or reqval > full_ver:
raise ImportError("Request for package '%s' ver '%s', have '%s'" % (
pkg, reqver, '.'.join(full_ver)))
inst_ver = full_ver
# remember full version
_import_cache[pkg] = inst_ver
return mod
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