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2014-11-05 - SkyTools 3.2.6
= Minor features =
* pgq: added support for syslog facility
* pgq.cascade.admin: allow drop-node of root
= Fixes =
* londiste.handlers.dispatch: improved handling of obsolete partitions
* londiste.playback: skip execution of sql script when already executed
* pgq.cascade.admin: fixed takeover issue "cannot subscribe to itself"
* pgq: clean up pgq.consumer when consumer is unregistered
* skytools.scripting: moved psycopg2 reference to actual script using it
* skytools.timeutil: fixed for Python versions less than 2.7
* skytools.timeutil: fixed handling of Z in parse_iso_timestamp
* walmgr: ignore .history files when removing PG_RECEIVEXLOG file
= Cleanups =
* scripts/ added log msg about script's normal shutdown
* libusual: updated to the latest version (that was already 9 months old)
* setup*.py: fixes; updated to point to correct licence
* Improved docs and tests.
2014-03-31 - SkyTools 3.2 - "Hit any user to continue"
= Features =
* scripts/ can use csv file as source
* debian: support Postgres 9.3, 9.4
= Minor features =
* londiste: added ignore_truncate handler option
* londiste add-table: added lock_timeout option to avoid possible locking issues
* scripts/ added dynamic throttling support (via sql)
* skytools.scripting: added options to lower log level for exceptions
* skytools.scripting: simple retriable execute (for sql)
= Fixes =
* londiste.create_partition: fixed to avoid deadlocks from concurrent workers
* londiste.handlers.dispatch: fixed "ignore events aiming at obsolete partitions" bug
* pgq.cascade.admin: do not allow subscribing to itself (same node)
* pgq.consumer: fixed RetriableEvent and RetriableWalkerEvent
* skytools.dbstruct: quote sequence names
* skytools.set_tcp_keepalive: add compat with newer OSX, simplify, enable win32
* scripts/ fixed to survive null in stats column of sql_modify
* sql/londiste: fixed londiste.table_info trigger issue
* sql/pgq: fix retry-queue vs. newgrants
* sql/pgq: tag pgq.batch_id_seq as dumpable (extension)
= Cleanups =
* londiste.drop_obsolete_partitions: drop tables in alphabetical order (that is from the oldest)
* londiste.handlers: removed duplicate debug logging
* londiste: moved config processing from dispatch to base handler
* pgq.localconsumer: added file path check on config load
* scripts/ clean-up
* debian: include data_maintainer3 in package
* Get rid of dictfetch*() usage, it's obsolete.
2013-07-31 - SkyTools 3.1.5 - "Caution, Blind Man Driving"
= Features =
* walmgr: new command createslave and new option --synch-standby
* londiste: Dispatch handler extended to support sharding
* skytools.skylog: added UdpTNetStringsHandler
= Minor features =
* londiste add: --skip-non-existing option
* londiste add-table: --skip-non-existing ignores tables not on provider
* londiste add-table: --find-copy-node working with --create now
* londiste resync: supports --find-copy-node and --copy-node options now
* londiste resync: now checks if table is available on provider
* londiste --wait-sync: show progress in absolute numbers
* londiste.handlers.dispatch: added switch to ignore events aiming at obsolete (dropped) partitions
* querybuilder: show list of missing arguments on KeyError
* scripts/ added consumer_filter option
* skytools.sockutil.set_tcp_keepalive: accept socket object directly
= Fixes =
* londiste copy: fix data filtering when parallel_copies > 1
* londiste.playback: support multiple -v options for workers
* made less verbose
* pgq.Consumer: non-lazy loading should use RetriableEvent
* pgq.logutriga: do not quote '-'
* grantfu: 2-pass processing
= Cleanups =
* londiste: inform about no tables passed on cmd line (thus nothing to do)
* doc: mention config option in create-* commands
* parse_pgarray: allow None
* londiste status: make node name easier to select
* scripts/ added suffix "3" to service name
* skytools.timeutil: make tests more robust
* londiste: changed handler argument 'key' to 'hash_key'
* londiste: moved hash_key logic from dispatch to part handler
* londiste.handlers: renamed handler 'part' to 'shard'
* pgq: Consumer class also need _make_event, for _load_batch_events_old()
* pgq: move RetriableEvent to
2013-04-17 - SkyTools 3.1.4 - "Boldly Going Nowhere"
= Features =
* londiste create-node: Creation data from config. The need to 2 connection
string in command line was major usability problem in create-* commands.
Now initial setup can be described in config.
* newgrants: Londiste can read from provider using non-privileged user.
* scripts/ Generic script for processing
large data sets in small batches.
= Minor features =
* londiste status: significant speed up of getting status on big cascades
* londiste: remote_extra_connstr config option that will be added
to remote node connect strings. Needed when more than several cascaded
scripts are running, with different privileges in local and remote node.
* scriptmgr: User switching with sudo. Script sections can
contain user= option that makes scriptmgr launch sudo to run script.
* londiste compare: Added --count-only switch
* BaseScript: skylog_locations config options
* skytools.Config: New default variables: config_dir, config_file.
* Parse & merge Postgres connect strings
* skytools_upgrade: add force option
* londiste: new drop_obsolete_partitions(2) function
* londiste: added dispatch handler arg retention_period
= Fixes =
* londiste: Sync SQL keywords with 9.3git.
* handers/ 'keep_latest' row_mode processes now deletes properly.
* Check for -lrt - needed when building against libevent.
* adminscripts: Make info commands not use pidfile. Otherwise they will
not run if some writing admin command is running.
* Londiste compare: It's now compatible with 8.2.
* londiste.create_partition: Set owner to match parent table.
* londiste.create_trigger: Fixed skip-trigger check compatibility with postgres 9.x.
* londiste.create_trigger: Added check for after-trigger being overshadowed by skip-trigger.
= Cleanups =
* Refactor Consumer code.
* Remove: pgqadm and related code, its unmaintained
* Sweeping change to postpone log string formatting
* docs: copy-condition removed from londiste3 man page
* Various logging cleanups
* Londiste: fix trigger generation when extra params that are add-table specific are used (introduced in commit 364ade9)
* londiste: quote queue name in trigger args
* londiste: actually execute the ENABLE/DISABLE RULE query in londiste.create_partition
* londiste/handlers/dispatch: fixed issue with missing part_func description
* londiste.handler: disable shortcut for specifying handler args together with its name
2012-12-21 - SkyTools 3.1.3 - "Chainsaw-wielding Toothfairy"
= Features =
* londiste resurrect: Sync queue contents on old dead root.
* londiste node-status: Show info about local node.
* londiste takeover --dead-root: search for node with latest batches.
* londiste compare/repair: work with tables not available on immediate provider
* londiste change-handler: change python handler and trigger on table
= Minor features and cleanups =
* Auto-upgrade Londiste 2 schema.
* debian: /etc/skytools.ini is preconfigured for pgqd and londiste3 scripts.
* Clean londiste/cascadeadmin --help text.
* syncer: Clean up error messages.
* syncer: Add missing throttling.
* londiste handlers parameter validation.
* Pure-Python fallback for hashtext module.
= Fixes =
* If pgq.unregister_consumer() is used on subconsumer, don't drop main consumer.
* londiste add-table throws error if table already exists but with different handler.
* syncer: throttle queries when waiting
* Fix exception_hook crash if curs.query is None
* Fix extension version mismatches which made them uninstallable.
2012-11-02 - SkyTools 3.1.2 - "Tank in a Tarball"
= Features =
* --find-copy-node switch to 'add-table' that instructs 'copy'
to walk upwards until it finds node that has full table.
Parts of the patch were in earlier, but they did not work
on merge node properly. Now the walk code was moved to copy,
instead being done during add-table to fix that.
Compare and repair does not support (yet) such walking.
= Minor Features =
* Allow overrided options with --set to show up in --ini output
* Londiste: try to show exact event info on failure.
= Fixes =
* walmgr: Move .walshipping.last update AFTER rsync. Otherwise
rsync failure will not be noticed during "master sync".
* londiste execute: when ddl was already applied, connection was
left in wrong mode. Fix.
* Fix compare expression - md5() was in wrong place.
* Fix Londiste compare and repair to accept copy-condition from handler (Asko Oja)
* londiste: don't filter EXECUTE or TRUNCATE events on merge node
* qadmin: make "install pgq" also install pgq_coop
* Fix 2.1 to 3.0 upgrade script, rename to pgq.upgrade_2.1_to_3.0.sql
* Reorg of Londiste tests (Asko Oja)
* Socket library autoconf (Tony Arkles)
* pgq: quote internal table names
* Bump pgq schema version to 3.1.2
2012-10-09 - SkyTools 3.1.1 - "Service Oriented Diapers"
Queue_mover and queue_splitter now have service names ending with 3.
Config files need to change: [queue_mover3], [queue_splitter3].
= Minor Features =
* scriptmgr: option for specifying service type (-t / --type)
* scriptmgr: status command can optionally be more selective
* skytools_upgrade: "dry run" option (--not-really)
* pgq.Consumer: log idle time, keepalive_stats tper
* pgq.Consumer: keepalive_stats to force logging even when idle
= Cleanups =
* "show version" command
* unified results displaying
* skytools.scripting: added shutdown() to BaseScript
* skytools.scripting: log config reload, updated comment.
* skytools.__init__: added symbols for natsort module
* updated script version, added pgq version, amended messages
* scripts: changed queue_mover and queue_splitter service_name to end with '3'
= Fixes =
* pgqd: make connections handling more robust
* londiste compare/repair: when provider is branch, stop it's worker to get sync
* walmgr: Don't complain if a nonexistent WAL file is encountered during cleanup.
* pgq_node.demote_root: decrease lock level
* londiste.local_remove_table: resture DDL if still attached to table
* pgq_coop.next_batch: check and create subconsumers after locking main consumer
* --sync-watermark: don't allow subtree wm get above upstream wm
* londiste compare: calculate common column names
* londiste compare: use md5() if comparing 8.3 with 8.4+
* Use python interpreter given by '--with-python=PYTHON' everywhere
2012-07-19 - SkyTools 3.1 - "Carnival-on-a-Stick"
= Features =
* londiste: Wait commands
> londiste $ini add-table .. --wait-sync
> londiste $ini wait-sync
Wait until all tables are fully copied over.
> londiste $ini wait-root
Wait for next tick on root reaches local node.
> londiste $ini wait-provider
Wait for next tick on provider reaches local node.
* londiste execute: support meta attributes in sql
This allows execute ADD COLUMN from root, over whole
cascade even when not all nodes contain the table.
--*-- Local-Table: mytable
ALTER TABLE mytable ADD COLUMN foo text;
* Convert DB modules to extensions (9.1+). Now following modules
are available as extensions: pgq, pgq_node, pgq_coop, pgq_ext, londiste.
All the old files are kept in old locations to avoid any breakage.
Known problems in Postgres extensions infrastructure (as of 9.1.4):
- pg_dump crashes when extensions has sequence whose value needs to be dumped.
Thus pgq.batch_id_seq cannot be made dumpable, thus it's value
gets lost during dump+reload.
- CREATE EXTENSION pgq_coop FROM unpackaged; + DROP EXTENSION pgq_coop;
will not drop schema. Plain CREATE+DROP works fine.
= Minor Features =
* londiste.applied_execute: drop queue_name from pkey
* pgq.LocalConsumer: consumer that tracks processed ticks in local file
* simple_local_consumer: LocalConsumer that runs query for each event.
* pgq.Consumer: 'table_filter' config param, filters on ev_extra1,
where PgQ triggers put source table name.
* londiste.periodic_maintenance: cleanup for applied_execute
* pgq.maint_operations: include londiste.periodic_maintenance
* skytools.exists_view(): new function
* skytools.fileutil: new module, contains write_atomic()
* londiste.handler: make encoding= param available to part & londiste handlers
* debian: build modules for all installed server-dev versions
= Fixes =
* CascadedConsumer: re-initialize provider connection when location changes
* pgq_node.drop_node: mention node name in info message
* drop-node: move find_root before local drop
* pgq.maint_rotate_tables: check txid sanity, fail if bad
* sql_tokenizer: allow idents starting with underscore
* BaseScript: write pidfile atomically to avoid corrupt pidfiles.
* londiste replay: skip provider checks if copy_node is used
* CascadedWorker: don't move watermark on source further than incoming batch.
2012-05-30 - SkyTools 3.0.3 - "Biometric Authentication by Yodeling"
= Features =
* londiste copy: copy table from another node (add-table --copy-node=NODE)
* londiste remove-table: drop sequence too
* public.create_partition: move under londiste schema, it's now generic enough
* londiste.create_partitions: Support copying rules from master table
* handlers.dispatch: use londiste.create_partitions, use old func as fallback
* walmgr: add option for init-slave to add password from file to .pgpass
* walmgr: add command synch-standby
= Fixes =
* CascadedWorker: merge-leaf-to-branch needs to publish wm info
* pgq_node.create_node: create branch nodes with disable_insert set
* pgq.insert_event: ignore disable_insert if in 'replica' role
* create_partition: public grant needs special casing
* skytools.dbstruct: better rule name redirection
* debian: add build-deps, force debian/control rebuild
* pgq_node.unregister_location: do automatic unsubscribe
* pgq_node.drop_node: drop queue data even if node_info is empty
* londiste add-table: --expect-sync does not require table existance on provider
= Cleanups =
* skytools_upgrade: show old version before upgrade
* CascadeAdmin: add node name prefix messages from db
* handlers.dispatch: add comment about differences from part_func
* londiste.find_table_oid: drop old version - 9.1+ panics when argument name changes
* dbservice.get_record_list: do not use parse_pgarray on python lists
= Win32 =
* skytools.scripting: catch EINTR from sleep()
* signal_pidfile: support sig=0 on win32
* skytools.scripting: detect if signal name exists
= Schema version changes =
* pgq_node.version():
* londiste.version():
2012-05-10 - SkyTools 3.0.2 - "Consumes 30% Less Brain Than Competing Products"
= Features =
* Draft implementation of fine-grained grants for SQL
functions. See commit doc/sql-grants.txt for details.
New roles are created during upgrade, but new grants
need to be applied manually.
* pgq.create_queue: instead pre-determined grants,
copy grants for event tables from pgq.event_template.
* script, for simply event processing
by simply launching a SQL function for each event.
* londiste.handlers.part: make hash function configurable
* psycopgwrapper: allow name= argument to .cursor()
= Fixes =
* londiste: Always use TRUNCATE CASCADE
* pgq.cascade.CascadedWorker: publish_local_wm() is missing a commit
* walmgr: fix backup from slave (Sergey Burladyan)
= Cleanups =
* pgq.insert_event(): outer wrapper does not need to be secdef
* source.cfg: minor improvements
* sql/pgq: use terse verbosity in regtests
2012-04-18 - SkyTools 3.0.1 - "All The Snow You Can Eat"
= Features =
* skytools.config: new .getbytes() method to support
human-readable sizes.
= Fixes =
* skytools.skylog: Wrap logger.handlers.SysLogHandler to work
around broken BOM addition when logging unicode() strings.
* skytools.skylog: Improve compatibility with direct
logger module usage.
* debian/skytools.ini: include in tgz
* pgqd(libusual): ignore EINTR on close()
* Better error message in londiste.handler.dispatch
when part_field is NULL.
* Bump internal version in pgq/pgq_coop/pgq_node schemas.
Seems I forgot to do it for 3.0, probably because
there were doc-only changes in SQL code.
2012-03-17 - SkyTools 3.0 - "Business Advantage"
= Major New Features =
* Cascaded queues
* Londiste: Parallel copy
* Londiste: EXECUTE
* Londiste: handlers
* QAdmin
* pgqd
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