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#! /usr/bin/env python
"""Compares tables in replication set.
Currently just does count(1) on both sides.
import sys, skytools
__all__ = ['Comparator']
from londiste.syncer import Syncer
class Comparator(Syncer):
"""Simple checker based on Syncer.
When tables are in sync runs simple SQL query on them.
def process_sync(self, t1, t2, src_db, dst_db):
"""Actual comparison."""
src_tbl = t1.dest_table
dst_tbl = t2.dest_table
src_curs = src_db.cursor()
dst_curs = dst_db.cursor()
dst_where = t2.plugin.get_copy_condition(src_curs, dst_curs)
src_where = dst_where'Counting %s', dst_tbl)
# get common cols
cols = self.calc_cols(src_curs, src_tbl, dst_curs, dst_tbl)
# get sane query
v1 = src_db.server_version
v2 = dst_db.server_version
if self.options.count_only:
q = "select count(1) as cnt from only _TABLE_"
elif v1 < 80300 or v2 < 80300:
# 8.2- does not have record to text and text to bit casts, so we need to use a bit of evil hackery
q = "select count(1) as cnt, sum(bit_in(textout('x'||substr(md5(textin(record_out(_COLS_))),1,16)), 0, 64)::bigint) as chksum from only _TABLE_"
elif (v1 < 80400 or v2 < 80400) and v1 != v2:
# hashtext changed in 8.4 so we need to use md5 in case there is 8.3 vs 8.4+ comparison
q = "select count(1) as cnt, sum(('x'||substr(md5(_COLS_::text),1,16))::bit(64)::bigint) as chksum from only _TABLE_"
# this way is much faster than the above
q = "select count(1) as cnt, sum(hashtext(_COLS_::text)::bigint) as chksum from only _TABLE_"
q ='compare_sql', q)
q = q.replace("_COLS_", cols)
src_q = q.replace('_TABLE_', skytools.quote_fqident(src_tbl))
if src_where:
src_q = src_q + " WHERE " + src_where
dst_q = q.replace('_TABLE_', skytools.quote_fqident(dst_tbl))
if dst_where:
dst_q = dst_q + " WHERE " + dst_where
f = "%(cnt)d rows"
if not self.options.count_only:
f += ", checksum=%(chksum)s"
f ='compare_fmt', f)
self.log.debug("srcdb: %s", src_q)
src_row = src_curs.fetchone()
src_str = f % src_row"srcdb: %s", src_str)
self.log.debug("dstdb: %s", dst_q)
dst_row = dst_curs.fetchone()
dst_str = f % dst_row"dstdb: %s", dst_str)
if src_str != dst_str:
self.log.warning("%s: Results do not match!", dst_tbl)
return 1
return 0
def calc_cols(self, src_curs, src_tbl, dst_curs, dst_tbl):
cols1 = self.load_cols(src_curs, src_tbl)
cols2 = self.load_cols(dst_curs, dst_tbl)
qcols = []
for c in self.calc_common(cols1, cols2):
return "(%s)" % ",".join(qcols)
def load_cols(self, curs, tbl):
schema, table = skytools.fq_name_parts(tbl)
q = "select column_name from information_schema.columns"\
" where table_schema = %s and table_name = %s"
curs.execute(q, [schema, table])
cols = []
for row in curs.fetchall():
return cols
def calc_common(self, cols1, cols2):
common = []
map2 = {}
for c in cols2:
map2[c] = 1
for c in cols1:
if c in map2:
if len(common) == 0:
raise Exception("no common columns found")
if len(common) != len(cols1) or len(cols2) != len(cols1):
self.log.warning("Ignoring some columns")
return common
def init_optparse(self, p=None):
"""Initialize cmdline switches."""
p = super(Comparator, self).init_optparse(p)
p.add_option("--count-only", action="store_true", help="just count rows, do not compare data")
return p
if __name__ == '__main__':
script = Comparator(sys.argv[1:])