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"""Table handler.
Per-table decision how to create trigger, copy data and apply events.
-- redirect & create table
partition by batch_time
partition by date field
-- sql handling:
cube1 - I/U/D -> partition, insert
cube2 - I/U/D -> partition, del/insert
field remap
name remap
bublin filter
- replay: filter events
- copy: additional where
- add: add trigger args
- replay: conflict handling, add fncall to sql queue?
- add: add 'backup' arg to trigger
plain londiste:
- replay: add to sql queue
import sys
import logging
import skytools
import londiste.handlers
__all__ = ['RowCache', 'BaseHandler', 'build_handler', 'EncodingValidator',
'load_handler_modules', 'create_handler_string']
class RowCache:
def __init__(self, table_name):
self.table_name = table_name
self.keys = {}
self.rows = []
def add_row(self, d):
row = [None] * len(self.keys)
for k, v in d.items():
row[self.keys[k]] = v
except KeyError:
i = len(row)
self.keys[k] = i
row = tuple(row)
def get_fields(self):
row = [None] * len(self.keys)
for k, i in self.keys.keys():
row[i] = k
return tuple(row)
def apply_rows(self, curs):
fields = self.get_fields()
skytools.magic_insert(curs, self.table_name, self.rows, fields)
class BaseHandler:
"""Defines base API, does nothing.
handler_name = 'nop'
log = logging.getLogger('basehandler')
def __init__(self, table_name, args, dest_table):
self.table_name = table_name
self.dest_table = dest_table or table_name
self.fq_table_name = skytools.quote_fqident(self.table_name)
self.fq_dest_table = skytools.quote_fqident(self.dest_table)
self.args = args
self._check_args (args)
self.conf = self.get_config()
def _parse_args_from_doc (self):
doc = self.__doc__ or ""
params_descr = []
params_found = False
for line in doc.splitlines():
ln = line.strip()
if params_found:
if ln == "":
descr = ln.split (None, 1)
name, sep, rest = descr[0].partition('=')
if sep:
expr = descr[0].rstrip(":")
text = descr[1].lstrip(":- \t")
name, expr, text = params_descr.pop()
text += "\n" + ln
params_descr.append ((name, expr, text))
elif ln == "Parameters:":
params_found = True
return params_descr
def _check_args (self, args):
self.valid_arg_names = []
passed_arg_names = args.keys() if args else []
args_from_doc = self._parse_args_from_doc()
if args_from_doc:
self.valid_arg_names = list(zip(*args_from_doc)[0])
invalid = set(passed_arg_names) - set(self.valid_arg_names)
if invalid:
raise ValueError ("Invalid handler argument: %s" % list(invalid))
def get_arg (self, name, value_list, default = None):
""" Return arg value or default; also check if value allowed. """
default = default or value_list[0]
val = type(default)(self.args.get(name, default))
if val not in value_list:
raise Exception('Bad argument %s value %r' % (name, val))
return val
def get_config (self):
""" Process args dict (into handler config). """
conf = skytools.dbdict()
return conf
def add(self, trigger_arg_list):
"""Called when table is added.
Can modify trigger args.
def reset(self):
"""Called before starting to process a batch.
Should clean any pending data.
def prepare_batch(self, batch_info, dst_curs):
"""Called on first event for this table in current batch."""
def process_event(self, ev, sql_queue_func, arg):
"""Process a event.
Event should be added to sql_queue or executed directly.
def finish_batch(self, batch_info, dst_curs):
"""Called when batch finishes."""
def get_copy_condition(self, src_curs, dst_curs):
""" Use if you want to filter data """
return ''
def real_copy(self, src_tablename, src_curs, dst_curs, column_list):
"""do actual table copy and return tuple with number of bytes and rows
condition = self.get_copy_condition(src_curs, dst_curs)
return skytools.full_copy(src_tablename, src_curs, dst_curs,
column_list, condition,
dst_tablename = self.dest_table)
def needs_table(self):
"""Does the handler need the table to exist on destination."""
return True
class TableHandler(BaseHandler):
"""Default Londiste handler, inserts events into tables with plain SQL.
encoding=ENC - Validate and fix incoming data from encoding.
Only 'utf8' is supported at the moment.
ignore_truncate=BOOL - Ignore truncate event. Default: 0; Values: 0,1.
handler_name = 'londiste'
sql_command = {
'I': "insert into %s %s;",
'U': "update only %s set %s;",
'D': "delete from only %s where %s;",
allow_sql_event = 1
def __init__(self, table_name, args, dest_table):
BaseHandler.__init__(self, table_name, args, dest_table)
enc = args.get('encoding')
if enc:
self.encoding_validator = EncodingValidator(self.log, enc)
self.encoding_validator = None
def get_config (self):
conf = BaseHandler.get_config(self)
conf.ignore_truncate = self.get_arg('ignore_truncate', [0, 1], 0)
return conf
def process_event(self, ev, sql_queue_func, arg):
row = self.parse_row_data(ev)
if len(ev.type) == 1:
# sql event
fqname = self.fq_dest_table
fmt = self.sql_command[ev.type]
sql = fmt % (fqname, row)
# urlenc event
pklist = ev.type[2:].split(',')
op = ev.type[0]
tbl = self.dest_table
if op == 'I':
sql = skytools.mk_insert_sql(row, tbl, pklist)
elif op == 'U':
sql = skytools.mk_update_sql(row, tbl, pklist)
elif op == 'D':
sql = skytools.mk_delete_sql(row, tbl, pklist)
sql_queue_func(sql, arg)
def parse_row_data(self, ev):
"""Extract row data from event, with optional encoding fixes.
Returns either string (sql event) or dict (urlenc event).
if len(ev.type) == 1:
if not self.allow_sql_event:
raise Exception('SQL events not supported by this handler')
if self.encoding_validator:
return self.encoding_validator.validate_string(, self.table_name)
row = skytools.db_urldecode(
if self.encoding_validator:
return self.encoding_validator.validate_dict(row, self.table_name)
return row
def real_copy(self, src_tablename, src_curs, dst_curs, column_list):
"""do actual table copy and return tuple with number of bytes and rows
if self.encoding_validator:
def _write_hook(obj, data):
return self.encoding_validator.validate_copy(data, column_list, src_tablename)
_write_hook = None
condition = self.get_copy_condition(src_curs, dst_curs)
return skytools.full_copy(src_tablename, src_curs, dst_curs,
column_list, condition,
dst_tablename = self.dest_table,
write_hook = _write_hook)
class EncodingValidator:
def __init__(self, log, encoding = 'utf-8', replacement = u'\ufffd'):
"""validates the correctness of given encoding. when data contains
illegal symbols, replaces them with <replacement> and logs the
if encoding.lower() not in ('utf8', 'utf-8'):
raise Exception('only utf8 supported')
self.encoding = encoding
self.log = log
self.columns = None
self.error_count = 0
def show_error(self, col, val, pfx, unew):
if pfx:
col = pfx + '.' + col'Fixed invalid UTF8 in column <%s>', col)
self.log.debug('<%s>: old=%r new=%r', col, val, unew)
def validate_copy(self, data, columns, pfx=""):
"""Validate tab-separated fields"""
ok, _unicode = skytools.safe_utf8_decode(data)
if ok:
return data
# log error
vals = data.split('\t')
for i, v in enumerate(vals):
ok, tmp = skytools.safe_utf8_decode(v)
if not ok:
self.show_error(columns[i], v, pfx, tmp)
# return safe data
return _unicode.encode('utf8')
def validate_dict(self, data, pfx=""):
"""validates data in dict"""
for k, v in data.items():
if v:
ok, u = skytools.safe_utf8_decode(v)
if not ok:
self.show_error(k, v, pfx, u)
data[k] = u.encode('utf8')
return data
def validate_string(self, value, pfx=""):
"""validate string"""
ok, u = skytools.safe_utf8_decode(value)
if ok:
return value
_pfx = pfx and (pfx+': ') or ""'%sFixed invalid UTF8 in string <%s>', _pfx, value)
return u.encode('utf8')
# handler management
_handler_map = {
'londiste': TableHandler,
_handler_list = _handler_map.keys()
def register_handler_module(modname):
"""Import and module and register handlers."""
except ImportError:
print "Failed to load handler module: %s" % (modname,)
m = sys.modules[modname]
for h in m.__londiste_handlers__:
_handler_map[h.handler_name] = h
def _parse_arglist(arglist):
args = {}
for arg in arglist or []:
key, _, val = arg.partition('=')
key = key.strip()
if key in args:
raise Exception('multiple handler arguments: %s' % key)
args[key] = val.strip()
return args
def create_handler_string(name, arglist):
handler = name
if name.find('(') >= 0:
raise Exception('invalid handler name: %s' % name)
if arglist:
args = _parse_arglist(arglist)
astr = skytools.db_urlencode(args)
handler = '%s(%s)' % (handler, astr)
return handler
def _parse_handler(hstr):
"""Parse result of create_handler_string()."""
args = {}
name = hstr
pos = hstr.find('(')
if pos > 0:
name = hstr[ : pos]
if hstr[-1] != ')':
raise Exception('invalid handler format: %s' % hstr)
astr = hstr[pos + 1 : -1]
if astr:
astr = astr.replace(',', '&')
args = skytools.db_urldecode(astr)
return (name, args)
def build_handler(tblname, hstr, dest_table=None):
"""Parse and initialize handler.
hstr is result of create_handler_string()."""
hname, args = _parse_handler(hstr)
# when no handler specified, use londiste
hname = hname or 'londiste'
klass = _handler_map[hname]
if not dest_table:
dest_table = tblname
return klass(tblname, args, dest_table)
def load_handler_modules(cf):
"""Load and register modules from config."""
lst = londiste.handlers.DEFAULT_HANDLERS
lst += cf.getlist('handler_modules', [])
for m in lst:
def show(mods):
if not mods:
if 0:
names = _handler_map.keys()
names = _handler_list
for n in names:
kls = _handler_map[n]
desc = kls.__doc__ or ''
if desc:
desc = desc.strip().split('\n', 1)[0]
print("%s - %s" % (n, desc))
for n in mods:
kls = _handler_map[n]
desc = kls.__doc__ or ''
if desc:
desc = desc.strip()
print("%s - %s" % (n, desc))