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import skytools
import londiste.handler
__all__ = ['handler_allows_copy', 'find_copy_source']
def handler_allows_copy(table_attrs):
"""Decide if table is copyable based on attrs."""
if not table_attrs:
return True
attrs = skytools.db_urldecode(table_attrs)
hstr = attrs.get('handler', '')
p = londiste.handler.build_handler('unused.string', hstr, None)
return p.needs_table()
def find_copy_source(script, queue_name, copy_table_name, node_name, node_location):
"""Find source node for table.
@param script: DbScript
@param queue_name: name of the cascaded queue
@param copy_table_name: name of the table (or list of names)
@param node_name: target node name
@param node_location: target node location
@returns (node_name, node_location, downstream_worker_name) of source node
# None means no steps upwards were taken, so local consumer is worker
worker_name = None
if isinstance(copy_table_name, str):
need = set([copy_table_name])
need = set(copy_table_name)
while 1:
src_db = script.get_database('_source_db', connstr = node_location, autocommit = 1, profile = 'remote')
src_curs = src_db.cursor()
q = "select * from pgq_node.get_node_info(%s)"
src_curs.execute(q, [queue_name])
info = src_curs.fetchone()
if info['ret_code'] >= 400:
raise skytools.UsageError("Node does not exist")"Checking if %s can be used for copy", info['node_name'])
q = "select table_name, local, table_attrs from londiste.get_table_list(%s)"
src_curs.execute(q, [queue_name])
got = set()
for row in src_curs.fetchall():
tbl = row['table_name']
if tbl not in need:
if not row['local']:
script.log.debug("Problem: %s is not local", tbl)
if not handler_allows_copy(row['table_attrs']):
script.log.debug("Problem: %s handler does not store data [%s]", tbl, row['table_attrs'])
script.log.debug("Good: %s is usable", tbl)
if got == need:"Node %s seems good source, using it", info['node_name'])
return node_name, node_location, worker_name
else:"Node %s does not have all tables", info['node_name'])
if info['node_type'] == 'root':
raise skytools.UsageError("Found root and no source found")
# walk upwards
node_name = info['provider_node']
node_location = info['provider_location']
worker_name = info['worker_name']