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# what to include in source distribution
# for Python Distutils
include Makefile
include configure config.guess config.sub install-sh
include source.cfg
include python/
include sql/
recursive-include sql *.sql Makefile *.out *.in *.[ch] README* *.ini *.templ *.control
prune sql/*/results
prune sql/*/docs
recursive-include python/conf *.ini
recursive-include misc *.sh *.rc *.py *.css Cindent
recursive-include scripts *.py *.templ *.ini
recursive-include debian changelog control docs rules compat pgversions README.*
recursive-include debian *.dirs *.docs *.install *.init.d *.manpages *.postinst *.prerm *.ini
recursive-include doc Makefile *.py *.txt *.[1-9]
include debian/copyright
prune debian/postgresql-*-pgq3
prune debian/skytools3
prune debian/skytools3-walmgr
prune debian/skytools3-ticker
prune debian/python-skytools3
prune debian/python-pgq3
prune debian/skytools3
prune debian/skytools3
prune debian/tmp
include python/skytools/
prune python/skytools/
recursive-include lib *.[chg] *.m4 *.mk * *.sh *-sh README COPYRIGHT
prune lib/mk/temos
exclude lib/usual/config.h
prune lib/test
prune lib/
recursive-include upgrade *.sql Makefile
recursive-include tests *.conf *.sh *.ini *.py Makefile data.sql install.sql *.sql *.conf
prune fix*.sql
prune tests/merge/conf
prune tests/handler/conf
prune tests/londiste/conf
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