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tests/londiste/ test various combination of options

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1 parent 7dd0918 commit 5868d74d1ba77f9fae4bbbdd668b1e4e4f45f867 @markokr committed Mar 21, 2013
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@@ -33,7 +33,11 @@ cat > conf/londiste_$db.ini <<EOF
job_name = londiste_$db
db = dbname=$db
+node_name = node1
public_node_location = dbname=$db host=/tmp
+initial_provider_location = dbname=db1 host=/tmp
queue_name = replika
logfile = log/%(job_name)s.log
pidfile = pid/%(job_name)
@@ -69,9 +73,9 @@ run cat conf/pgqd.ini
run cat conf/londiste_db1.ini
msg "Install londiste3 and initialize nodes"
-run londiste3 $v conf/londiste_db1.ini create-root node1
-run londiste3 $v conf/londiste_db2.ini create-branch node2 --provider='dbname=db1'
-run londiste3 $v conf/londiste_db3.ini create-branch node3 --provider='dbname=db1'
+run londiste3 $v conf/londiste_db1.ini create-root
+run londiste3 $v conf/londiste_db2.ini create-branch node2 'dbname=db2 host=/tmp'
+run londiste3 $v conf/londiste_db3.ini create-branch node3
run londiste3 $v conf/londiste_db4.ini create-branch node4 --provider='dbname=db2' --sync-watermark=node4,node5
run londiste3 $v conf/londiste_db5.ini create-branch node5 --provider='dbname=db3' --sync-watermark=node4,node5

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