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Filter password in connstr before logging it #6

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python/skytools/ logs full connstr on debug level, but there might be password inside this connstr. This change will filter the password before logging, so it wont leak out. (think environments that replicate logs out of the box running skytools)

@markokr markokr merged commit 5e8f9a2 into markokr:master
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Commits on Dec 6, 2011
  1. filter potential passwords in connstr before logging it

    anti.veeranna authored
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  1. +4 −2 python/skytools/
6 python/skytools/
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
-import sys, os, signal, optparse, time, errno, select
+import sys, os, signal, optparse, time, errno, select, re
import logging, logging.handlers, logging.config
import skytools
@@ -712,7 +712,9 @@ def get_database(self, dbname, autocommit = 0, isolation_level = -1,
if not connstr:
connstr =
- self.log.debug("Connect '%s' to '%s'" % (cache, connstr))
+ # connstr might contain password, it is not a good idea to log it
+ filtered_connstr = re.sub(' password=\S+', ' password=***HIDDEN***', connstr)
+ self.log.debug("Connect '%s' to '%s'" % (cache, filtered_connstr))
dbc = DBCachedConn(cache, connstr, params['max_age'], setup_func = self.connection_hook)
self.db_cache[cache] = dbc
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