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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


  • Added a new property 'LoopCards' that enables infinite swiping of cards - thanks to @noormahammad
  • Added SwipeCardView dispose logic - thanks to @Tommigun1980
  • Variuos bug fixed related to ItemSource Reset - thanks to @Tommigun1980


  • #14 - Fixed index out of range exception
  • #7 - Added graceful handling when ItemsSource is empty
  • Updated Xamarin Forms dependency to or higher
  • Added unit tests and more page samples
  • Code cleanup


  • Introduced SwipeCommand and Swiped event, SwipedEventArgs and SwipedCardDirection
  • Introduced DraggingCommand, Dragging event, DraggingCardEventArgs and DraggingCardPosition
  • Introduced InvokeSwipe method, which replaces InvokeSwipeLeft and InvokeSwipeRight
  • Support for swiping and dragging in all 4 directions
  • Removed updating card background in favor of Dragging command/event
  • Added Samples (TinderPage, ColorsPage, CustomizablePage)
  • Added full documentation
  • Implemented CI pipeline
  • Exposed many consts to be parameters (card rotation adjuster, back card scale, animation length etc.)


  • Updated library to target netstandard 2.0
  • Updated Xamarin Forms dependency to
  • Added InvokeSwipeLeft and InvokeSwipeRight methods


  • Updated Xamarin Forms dependency to


  • Initial release