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Students file sharing social network using 3 tier arhitecture and MVP pattern | By Marko Mitreski


The problem:

Students have a problem - Unorganized and too much of a hassle to get books, materials and files for learning. They were all over the place, paper files, e-books, files on different servers etc.


  • All the data/files at one place
  • Available anytime
  • Notification for new data/files
  • Sharing the knowledge

The solution:

Student social network for file sharing.

Motto: From the students, for the students - get the right information, at the right time.

= Software solution description:

  • Model-View-Presenter pattern
  • Three(3) tier architecture
  • Web and Desktop Application using MVP
  • Database design and development
  • Team Foundation Server for source control and team managment

= Model-View-Presenter pattern

  • Using a separation of concerns/responsible design approach you will increase code reuse
  • Separate business logic from user interface (UI) logic to make the code easier to understand and maintain
  • Implementing IView interface used to loosely couple the presenter from its view
  • Presenter is responsible for interacting between the view/model

= Three(3) tier architecture - Reusable and portable code

  • Data Access Layer
  • Business Logic Layer
  • Presentation Layer

= Web and Desktop Application using MVP

  • We manage to develop Web Application and Desktop App in just ONE DAY!
  • Using MVP pattern, UI is very simple, clean and quick/flexible to design and develop. After setting up the architecture and defining the interfaces, our team was able to split and work parallel - at the same time - on the three different layers without interruption.

Other noticeable achievements:

  • Customized error/exception handling
  • Customized Regular expression usage
  • SOLID Principles
  • Design patterns
  • SQL programming - store procedures, functions ...


Teamwork | Collaboration | Communication | Clean Code | Pragmatism | Programming best practices


.Net | C# | WinForms | | MSSQL | SQL programming

ASP.Net | JavaScript | JQuery | HTML | CSS

This is a team project.



Students file sharing social network using 3 tier arhitecture and MVP pattern






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