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Machian Collective is the way I see the future of work should be. The website can be found at

What is Machian Collective?

I have been working all my life digitally. The only manual labor jobs I have had happened when I was a teenager, and those were the only jobs I could get. Despite being in the industry of relatively friendly corporate culture, every company I have worked for hasn't been built the way I would have made it if I was the founder. The problem I have always had is that all of these companies have been very traditional top-down organizations that run on the same business model.

Through trial and error I have learned that if nobody does it right for your taste, your only option is to learn to be without or build it yourself. I've never been good at not having what I want so I guess I just have to build my own. This problem has been bothering me over a decade. I have read and learned from the past and concluded that the traditional business model is being obsoleted by the Internet. There is no reason why you can't have a workplace where you go do what you love while maximizing your growth and wealth.

It is a multi-player version of what my ideal workplace would look like. You are welcome to build it with me.

There is also another problem that fascinates me, but I'm in horror when I watch how it is being solved right now.

That problem is human digitalization. I've played thousands of scenarios in my head and, except for nuclear disaster, humans will digitalize themselves and computers will become an integral tool of being a functioning human in society. Today our communications has been digitalized by Facebook, and the rest is digitalized by Google. These multi-billion dollar advertising companies are making billions of dollars per month by merely giving us a common user interface to meet on the Internet.

The inescapable fact is that if there is no alternative to Facebook and Google, our digital future will end up being owned by these corporations. When I say owned, I mean total ownership. As brutal as it sounds, think how slaves were owned a century ago. It was possible because there were no laws against owning another human. Today we have no legislation against digital slavery. When these corporations can dictate whether you can access other humans or not, they own you. If any corporation has ownership over you, and they delete your account for whatever reason, your digital life is done, and you have no way to recover. What you can and can't do digitally will be decided by whoever has control over these companies. Let's just hope you have the right political opinions and your humor is pleasing everyone. This is the dystopia we have been warned about.

But we are not there yet, there is still time. We can still shape the future.

There is an alternative future. We can build our own technologies to do the things we want to do. We can build free and open technologies that are as secure and as private as we want. We can create better workplaces and improve lives all over the world. This is what Machian Collective will be doing. Solving human digitalization one problem at a time.

The magnifying glass

There are a lot of developers, artists, researchers, investors and other creatives who see the same future and are already wanting to do something to try and predict the dystopia. Machian Collective is a vehicle to bring these people together.

The big idea behind the Machian Collective is to act as a magnifying glass. Machian Collective is a set of guidelines and common open technologies that all the projects can use to amplify and focus their efforts to digitalize some aspect of humanity.

Anybody can suggest a project and anybody can work on any project they like. The only rule is that we all need to row to the same direction and make sure everything we build is compatible with other projects.

The ideals

The fastest way to understand the ideals behind Machian Collective is to understand what the name means.


When I look at computers, I don't see just a tool or a device. I see a thing that enables me to do anything I want. A computer isn't just a tool like physical tools are. Physical tools are shaped matter that gives you better leverage to shape your environment. Every physical tool is just a fancy rock to smash something.

The computer is different because the computer allows you to create something entirely new out of electricity. It's a tool of creation without destruction.

The name Machian is an attempt to inject the creative spirit to the word that now means lifeless mechanical things where cogs turn, and something equally lifeless comes out.


Collective is a group of people that come together voluntarily for a common goal. That's the way I want to work. I want to work with people who are doing the work for the work's sake and because they want to work with others to achieve the goal.

So, as a summary, Machian Collective is for the people who want to solve human digitalization in a way that benefits all humans instead of corporations.

In practice, Machian Collective does coding, designing and any other activity necessary to solve human digitalization. We don't aim to resolve the whole human digitalization all at once. We do it one problem at the time. The more we do this, the better we get.

Principled approach

As a founder, I get to say the ground rules. I have a few strong principles that guide what I do, and I want to be transparent about them, so you have all the information.

{% hint style="success" %} User's right to decide is always priority number one

The most important rule is that everything the collective produces respects the user's right to decide for themselves. This means that the user has visibility and ability to change anything they want in the code. {% endhint %}

{% hint style="success" %} People should be compensated for their skills fairly

People should get paid based on their contributions and have the ability to earn extra if the work they produce is exceptionally highly appreciated by others. People should be able to focus on becoming better at their craft instead of having to worry about finding people willing to pay for those skills. {% endhint %}

{% hint style="success" %} Financial transparency is necessary for trust

I believe one can run a financially sustainable project and be financially transparent at the same time. Therefore once Machian Collective has transactions, they will be stored in a public blockchain. I hope everybody in the world will monitor the blockchain for criminal activities. This sort of financial transparency is easy to do when you don't have shady business deals to hide from the public. {% endhint %}

{% hint style="success" %} Utility code should be free with no strings attached

The only digital activities that should cost something are the ones that require external hardware. For example, if you buy 10GB of "cloud storage", you are reserving 10GB from somebody else's hard drive for a while. I consider games and such as digital art and the authors should be compensated based on what people are willing to pay for such an art. However all code that has a clear utility purpose, for example communicating with other people, should always be free with no strings attached. {% endhint %}

Interested people, welcome

I'm currently working on up-to-the-gills secured peer-to-peer data layer for the Internet. The project is called Datagram, and first beta versions are usable at

If you are someone, or you know someone, who is either a talented javascript coder or understands at the low level how database engines are built, please send me an email.

Want to hear if something major happens?

You have two options: You follow @machianists in Twitter or you drop your email at

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