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About your privacy

The content platform this site lives on is called Gitbook. It's a rather lovely way to create a simple knowledge site with basic organization features and search. However, using Gitbook as of March of 2019 has one problem: they track you even when I don't.

I have opted out from all tracking I can because I don't want to contribute to the Google/Facebook problem. But despite me setting everything off, Gitbook still injects their Google Analytics and Mixpanel tracking codes.

The page also uses Google Fonts, and I can't change that either. From leaking-your-visitors-data-to-Google perspective, using Google Fonts is the same as using Google Analytics.

I've suggested to Gitbook to give me a choice to opt-out from all tracking scripts, including theirs, but my suggestion hasn't been implemented yet. You can follow the progress of implementation at

I recommend that in the meantime, you protect yourself from tracking by installing an addon like Ghostery or uBlock. Please do it now. The future you will thank you.

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