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Install AWS tools on Ubuntu and OS X workstations
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Common tools for AWS

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This Ansible role installs the following tools on Ubuntu and macOS.

Tool Ubuntu source macOS source
aws-cli awscli package on PyPI awscli formula on Homebrew
aws-shell aws-shell package on PyPI aws-shell formula on Homebrew
aws-vault aws-vault release on GitHub aws-vault cask on Homebrew
cli53 cli53 release on GitHub cli53 formula on Homebrew


Packages and binaries on Linux are installed by under ~/.aws-tools directory.

If you want to customise this path, update aws_tools_dir variable:

# Path to user home directory
aws_tools_home: "{{ ansible_env.HOME }}"

# Path to install tools into
aws_tools_dir: "{{ aws_tools_home }}/.aws-tools"

The awscli and aws-shell Python packages will be installed in virtualenv created in ~/.aws-tools/venv.

Shell init

The ~/.aws-tools/bin path will be added to PATH in .bashrc and .zshrc if it doesn't already exist in these files.

To disable shell file modifications, disable aws_tools_init_shell option:

aws_tools_init_shell: false

Cleaning up previous installations

Previous installation in /opt/aws-tools and symbolic links created in /usr/local/bin will not be removed automatically, but you can remove these old installs by enabling aws_tools_remove_old_install option:

aws_tools_remove_old_install: true

If you have awscli or aws-shell packages installed in ~/.local, you can remove these by enabling aws_tools_remove_local_install option:

aws_tools_remove_local_install: true


Packages and binaries on macOS are installed with Homebrew.


If you have installed aws-vault using asdf-vm, this role will not install another local version.

To disable asdf install checks, update Ansible role configuration:

aws_tools_check_asdf_installs: false

Install Git hooks

Install pre-commit, pre-push and commit-msg Git hooks:

make install-git-hooks

Update release

Update aws-vault and cli53 release versions:

make update

Coding style

Install pre-commit hooks and validate coding style:

make lint

Run tests

Run tests in Ubuntu and Debian using Docker:

make test



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