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Code for show & tell tutorial at

This script is an example of how to make a real-time dashboard by integrating it with Firebase.

This is the result of the finalized example script, which demonstrates average purchase cost by gender:

Real-Time Dashboard

After modifying the auth credentials for Firebase and in the scripts, you would:

Start the event job queue worker:

node workers/eventJobQueueWorker.js

Create some events:

node workers/eventJobQueueGenerator.js

Streaming data from back into Firebase:

node workers/keenCacheWorker.js

Then once we have a couple keen cache records, we'll fire up our dashboard:

open index.html

For more info, please read the complete tutorial at


WTFPL - Do what you want with it and have fun. If you want to contibute any other cool ideas for integrating with Firebase, let me know so that I can post back to it here!

If you like this script and are feeling philanthropic, please donate funds to My Alzheimer's Walk Page for Team Shust. It's a fantastic organization and your donation will go a long way in finding a cure for a horrible disease.