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# Shortcuts
# Detect which `ls` flavor is in use
if ls --color > /dev/null 2>&1; then # GNU `ls`
else # OS X `ls`
# List all files, human-readable and colorized in long format
alias l="ls -lh ${colorflag}"
# List all files human-readable, colorized in long format, including dot files
alias ll="ls -lah ${colorflag}"
# django runserver
alias rs="python runserver 0:8000"
# django syncdb
alias pms="python syncdb"
# common typo's
alias gti="git"
alias st="open -a \"SourceTree\" ."
alias marked='open -a marked'
alias t='tree -C -a -I .git'
alias openports="sudo lsof -PiTCP -sTCP:LISTEN"