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Github Syncer. Clones or Pulls all GitHub repos (owned and watched).
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ghsync: GitHub Repo Syncer

This script uses the GitHub API to get a list of all forked, mirrored, public, and private repos in your GitHub account - and of the organizations you belong to. If the repo already exists locally, it will update it via git-pull. Otherwise, it will properly clone the repo.

It will organize your repos into the following directory structure:


Requires Ian Cordasco's (

Inspired by Gisty (


To install ghsync, simply run:

$ pip install ghsync

The command ghsync will then be available to you from the command line. Beware, unless you set the GHSYNC_DIR environment variable, it will add all the repos to your current directory.:

$ export GHSYNC_DIR='~/repos/'


Store you github login globally:

git config --global github.user "your_user_name"


If the --upsteam argument is passed, all forked repos will have an upstream remote added, pointing to their parent repo on GitHub.

You can also selectively sync certian repos with -o <organization_name>. If you'd like to only sync repositories that belong to that organization (provided you have access to their repos), for example:

$ ghsync -o acme


When running on linux, you may want to run these commands to make sure you don't have to authenticate to Github on every clone/pull and enter your passphrase. Note that you could have also created an ssh-key with an empty passprase but that obviously is not safe.:

ssh-agent /bin/bash

Or use this method from Github's docs:

git config --global credential.helper cache # Set git to use the credential memory cache (for 15 minutes)


If you'd like to contribute, simply fork the repository, commit your changes to the develop branch (or branch off of it), and send a pull request.

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