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Anthologize was originally written during One Week | One Tool, between July 25 and July 31, 2010.
The One Week | One Tool team consisted of twelve members:
Jason Casden, Boone Gorges, Kathie Gossett, Scott Hanrath,
Effie Kapsalis, Doug Knox, Zachary McCune, Julie Meloni,
Patrick Murray-John, Steve Ramsay, Patrick Rashleigh, Jana Remy
One Week | One Tool was held at the Center for History and New
Media at George Mason University One
zillion thanks to the team at CHNM who worked alongside the One
Week team throughout the week: Sheila Brennan, Jeremy Boggs,
Dan Cohen, Sharon Leon, Trevor Owen, Tom Scheinfeldt.
One Week | One Tool was a summer institute sponsored by the
National Endowment for the Humanities's Office of Digital
Humanities. Many thanks to the NEH and the ODH for taking a
chance on a weird project!
Translation credits:
- Japanese: Tai
- French: Boone Gorges
- Russian: LeVaTi Team
- Italian: Luca Camellini