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distribution Any-Daemon

This is a general purpose daemon class, optionally supporting Log-Report for logging.

Perl provides all (Unix/Linux) operating system features to create daemons, but it is not easy to get them in the right order. This module offers all you need, and has seen serious application.

Development → Release

Important to know, is that I use an extension on POD to write the manuals. The "raw" unprocessed version is visible on GitHub. It will run without problems, but does not contain manual-pages.

Releases to CPAN are different: "raw" documentation gets removed from the code and translated into real POD and clean HTML. This reformatting is implemented with the OODoc distribution (A name I chose before OpenOffice existed, sorry for the confusion)

Clone from github for the "raw" version. For instance, when you want to contribute a new feature.

On github, you can find the processed version for each release. But the better source is CPAN; to get it installed simply run:

   cpan -i Any::Daemon


When you want to contribute to this module, you do not need to provide a perfect patch... actually: it is nearly impossible to create a patch which I will merge without modification. Usually, I need to adapt the style of code and documentation to my own strict rules.

When you submit an extension, please contribute a set with

  1. code

  2. code documentation

  3. regression tests in t/

Please note: When you contribute in any way, you agree to transfer the copyrights to Mark Overmeer (you will get the honors in the code and/or ChangeLog). You also automatically agree that your contribution is released under the same license as this project: licensed as perl itself.

Copyright and License

This project is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See